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Extend your reach, impact and influence

As a Troy Media VIP Thought Leader client:

  • You will share your insights with readers and decision-makers across Canada to build credibility with potential customers, hires, partners and investors or funders.
  • You have access Troy Media’s over 1,600 proprietary national news media outlet subscribers.
  • Your commentaries are posted across Troy Media’s own growing network of news sites. and
  • You reduce your costly internal media relations budget

Founded in 2005, Troy Media has grown to become Canada’s largest independent provider of original editorial features, opinions and analysis. Content sourced from Troy Media appears in dozens of newspapers, news sites, blogs and radio reports daily. Annual readership is estimated to be greater than 750 million.

And here’s proof!

Case studies

The Fraser Institute

Atlantic Institute for Market Studies

Frontier Centre for Public Policy


Our VIP Thought Leaders

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Our Services

  • VIP Thought Leadership


Troy Media’s VIP Thought Leadership program for the first author is only $3,250 per year. Up to 6 commentaries per year can be submitted for that author. This works out to $458 per commentary.

The cost to add each additional author is $2,500 per year. Again, each additional author can submit up to 6 commentaries per year. That works out to $416 per commentary.

  • Our Partner Content turns your media releases into content that runs.

Our clients have been telling us that their media releases, or reports, are not generation the news stories they once did. The reason for this is very simple: The media landscape has changed. Most newsrooms are now bare-bones operations, with too few journalists left to cover all of the news that comes their way. That’s where we come in.

Our team of seasoned journalists and professional editors are standing by to help you reach a broader audience across Canada.

Now you can leverage our media relationships to tell your stories to a national audience.

Working with you, Troy Media will determine the best story angle to pursue for each article to ensure the most interest to media editors.

Our articles are not media releases, but editorial. They are the articles journalists used to write based off your media releases, and are distributed to those editors who choose the content that is to appear in their publication or on their news sites.


Partner content: $950 per article

To post it across our growing network of news sites, FREE!

To distribute it nationally to our media outlet subscribers, add $450

Contract discount:

Second article: $899

Third article: $849

12 Partner content articles (one per month) = $9,000

Posted across our growing network of news sites, FREE!

Distributed nationally to our media outlet subscribers, add $450 for each article

  • Media release distribution service

We can distribute your media releases based on geographic zone across North America. The cost of each media release is $349.

Our Approach

Our Digital eco-system

Troy Media’s Information Distribution Eco-System, through its growing network of news sites and through its close relationships with journalists across Canada, maximizes our clients’ positive coverage and allows them to share their insights and influence readers and decision-makers across Canada.


The Fraser Institute:

“Troy Media has been a highly effective communications channel for the Fraser Institute over the last decade. By distributing op-eds through Troy’s proprietary media channels, we have seen a marked increase in pickup in print and online. Troy Media offers great value for its services.”

The Frontier Centre for Public Policy:

“As the VP of Research for Frontier Centre of Public Policy, I have monitored the marked increase in pickup – and influence – both in print and on a wide range of websites. Troy Media offers great value at a great price for its services.”

“Troy Media has done a great job helping  find a broad audience, getting our experts’ op-eds  in print in multiple publications. Increasingly, with Troy Media’s help, the experts are being asked to do  interviews with radio and TV outlets across the country. Certainly, our Network has had more reach and impact because of Troy Media’s services.”


“Troy Media has been invaluable to Cardus in reaching across the country to find a broad and diverse Canadian audience. It is a highly efficient, effective way to connect with readers from Victoria to the Maritimes. There’s a special surprise in discovering the places where the content Troy distributes for us turns up. It very frequently feels like we’re talking with Canada.”

Atlantic Institute for Market Studies

“Troy Media’s media range and connections are broader than any organization could hope to establish independently. It has now become an indispensable part of our media relations efforts, saving us time and, more importantly, money.”

Calgary Chamber of Commerce

“Troy Media’s focus and determination are amazing, and the results are obvious.”

Alberta Council of Technologies

“Troy Media has developed a service, a network and an understanding that makes it a service superior in the market. The firm understands us, is timely in its response and we get lots of media attention.”

Click here to find out what the media have to say about our services.

Troy Media will get your organization greater media presence and public recognition. Take your organization’s media strategy to the next level — talk to Troy Media Digital Solutions.

To discover more about Troy Media’s services and become a Troy Media Thought leader, fill out the form below.

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