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What is Troy Media Digital Solutions?

Founded and led by a team of award-winning journalists and visionary newspaper industry executives, Troy Media Digital Solutions unique knowledge and decades of industry experience will help your organization flourish into the digital age.

Troy Media Digital Solutions’ digital services provide a platform for the :

  1. creation and dissemination of  client communication (commentaries, articles, advertorials, media releases) through our Affiliate websites and/or through our proprietary news media distribution channels
  2. creation and maintenance of mobile-ready, responsive websites, hosted on our servers
  3. daily dissemination of Troy Media’s original editorial content to keep client websites “fresh”
  4. professional editing and posting of client website content
  5. creation and maintenance of e-commerce websites
  6. development of customized apps


  1. Troy Media’s Workflow process to boost productivity through review process automation and content collaboration
  2. Single-site advertising platform to boost revenue
  3. Troy Media’s proprietary national advertising platform to boost revenue
  4. Revenue sharing from all sponsored content, advertorials and special sections

From website development to hosting, from “fresh” content posted to your website daily to a national advertising platform to increase your revenues, Troy Media Digital Solutions has you covered.

Learn how we can:

  • Ease staffing challenges
  • Improve production and workflow
  • Provide professional editing at a price you can afford
  • Build new revenue streams for both your print and online properties
  • Round out your content offerings with original Canadian columns and news your readers care about

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