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Troy Media has been an absolutely terrific addition to Canada’s marketplace of ideas. The good folks at Troy provide an excellent sample of daily commentary on a broad range of topics from Canada’s diverse regions with a healthy array of political opinion. I have nothing but the highest regard for their work.

– The Vancouver Province

Troy Media has been a great resource for finding guests for my show. They invariably hit it out of the park for my audience and me.

– Geoff Currier, Host of Nighthawk, CJOB Winnipeg’s evening talk show

Troy Media’s diverse range of knowledgeable writers give Canadians a chance to talk to each other at a level today’s 140-character newsfeed can’t possibly reach, on issues that are pivotal to the way we get along (and sometimes not).

– Winnipeg Free Press

Troy Media provides our readers with insightful, authoritative content on the issues of the day. We run them regularly.

– The Sudbury Star

Troy Media is particularly useful to us as a small daily newspaper. Under ever-tightening budget constraints, it can be tough some days to find well-written content that doesn’t cost a fortune. Troy Media fills that hole. They even throw in a cartoon now and then – a nice touch to break up what can be a deadly grey page.

Trail Daily Times

The Times & Transcript is New Brunswick’s largest-circulation daily newspaper. We find Troy Media ‘s columns interesting, varied and informative. We use them on a regular basis and input from our readers suggests they are well read.

Moncton Times & Transcript

At The Gazette, we always look with interest at columns offered by Troy Media. The opinion copy they move is by reputable writers, on topics of general interest, and meets all our standards of insight, originality, clarity, and fairness.

– Montreal Gazette

At the Waterloo Region Record, we put a high value on the submissions received from the Troy Media, and use them regularly on our opinion pages.

– Waterloo Region Record

Troy Media has a very good sense of what interests newspapers and what will reach readers. And in my experience, it is good at getting to know individual editors well enough to understand what might appeal in terms of news, ideas and op-ed material to particular media outlets.

– The Edmonton Journal

I have to tell you I use quite a bit of Troy Media’s content and find it to be, in a word, excellent.

– Ontario Farmer

Enjoy your material. It helps small town editors who are always searching for different views and opinions on topics that concern us all. We all wish to challenge our readers and diverse views such as you supply are important when we pen our columns.

– Gravelbourg Tribune

Thank you for another great column.

– The Burford Times

Troy Media provides insightful, intelligent and newsworthy topics on a consistent basis. From technology to the environment, finance to politics and everything else in between – Troy Media is a source I use weekly to read up on the latest in Western Canada. Its clientws are media-savvy and knowledgeable and often offer viewpoints that are ‘outside of the box’. They aren’t afraid to tackle the big issues with ease and familiarity. Many thanks Troy Media team for producing some very worthy interview subjects and guests. We will continue to turn to this service for interesting and important topics that matter to Calgarians.

– AM 770 – CHQR – Corus Entertainment

 Do you have any articles related to oil and gas: New Innovation Inspiring Leadership Business Opportunities Corporate Consciousness These are our editorial mandates

– The Oil and Gas Magazine

It’s been my pleasure to work with Troy Media over the past three years. Its articles are extremely well-written and delivered in a timely fashion, as demanded in the news business.

– The Globe and Mail

Just a quick note to thank you for the outstanding work you have done both in terms of suggesting op-ed articles for publication in the Herald, as well as making sure they arrive in publishable form. When you promise a piece, it always arrives on-time and in good shape. As former newspapermen yourselves, you know how important that is. Thanks for being such a helpful and reliable source. The Herald looks forward to a longstanding relationship with you.

– The Calgary Herald

Copy typically comes from Troy Media clean and in a timely fashion. Troy Media has a quick understanding of our needs and the tight deadlines under which we work, and has made our dealings with its clients much smoother.

– The Saskatoon Star Phoenix

Always look forward to receiving your content. Can life get any easier?

– The Chronicle-Journal (Thunder Bay, ON)

The pages and stories from Troy Media are great. Keep up the good work!

– Oakville Today (ON)

Thank you very much for sending this excellent op-ed to me. I am using it on my editorial page. It is timely here as we are in the middle of municipal elections. Please keep me in mind for future op-eds.

The Beacon Herald (ON)

Troy Media produces very engaging and informative content. Very useful!

– Aboriginal Times

Troy Media’s articles are becoming more common in general political discourse in Alberta.

– Insight Into Government

Troy Media’s formula of linking high-quality experts and opinion makers with the mainstream media truly makes this a website for the 21st century.

– The Calgary Sun

Troy Media is a dependable source of fearless, thoughtful commentary on a huge range of controversial topics.

– The Chronicle Herald

I have been publishing commentaries from Troy Media for the past few years; the articles are always well written and interesting.

– Fox Creek Times

Troy Media’s writers and columnists provides in-depth analysis on a variety of topical issues (political, social, environmental and ethical).

– New Glasgow News

We have been using the Troy Media editorial content consistently for quite some time now and the national/international point of view on our opinion pages adds depth to our editorial point of view.

– Red Deer Express

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