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  • What is Troy Media Digital Solutions?

    TMDS is a new division of Troy Media, the company that has been supplying quality original editorial content to media outlets in Canada for more than 13 years. The new division exists to help small to medium sized community news outlets adapt and thrive in the digital age. It is led by a team of award-winning journalists and visionary newspaper industry executives.

  • How do you make money?

    Our affiliates and TMDS jointly profit from a new network of web-based community information hubs, which will attract new sources of advertising revenue not currently serving local markets.

  • How will you help me make money?

    Our services help community news outlets cut costs, achieve new efficiencies and develop new revenue streams through a series of services that support business development. With a stronger bottom line, your company will increase in value.

  • What other benefits are there?

    TMDS takes on many of the routine tasks that bog down local community outlets – editing, posting content on the web, finding and retaining staff. Freed from these burdens, you are able to spend more time in the community, building relationships and developing new advertising clients. Our experienced team of editors ensure your content is edited to professional standards.

    As an affiliate, you have access to new, original editorial content added to Troy Media’s offerings daily. Your reader will have something new to read on your website every day.

  • OK, I get that. What else?

    Included in our services:

    • Creation and maintenance of your mobile-ready, responsive website, hosted for free on our servers
    • Daily dissemination of Troy Media’s original free editorial content to keep your website “fresh.” Search engines love daily fresh content
    • Professional editing and posting of your local news, is available (ask us for a quote) to reduce your workload even further. You will then be able to copy and paste the edited copy to your print editions
    • Access to Troy Media’s workflow process which will boost your productivity
    • Access to a localized advertising platform to boost your local ad revenue
    • Access to Troy Media’s proprietary national advertising platform to boost your national ad revenue
    • Revenue sharing from all sponsored content, advertorials and special sections produced by Troy Media
    • Automatic posting to your Facebook and Twitter accounts if required
    • Development of customized apps, including a mobile app if required
  • What will it cost me?

    Very little, if anything.

    We host and maintain your website for free.

    We post our free content to your site for free.

    We automatically post your content to your Facebook page for free.

    Some our other services do require payment, but are only added at your request.

  • Aren’t you just a company that sends me free content?

    Not any more. Troy Media has been a supplier of both no-charge and premium content for more than a decade. Through our experience interacting with editors and owners across the country, we heard of a need for enhanced services to help small to medium sized community outlets adapt to the digital age. Our experienced team of successful entrepreneurs and editors have developed a unique model that no other company is offering.

  • What’s an Affiliate?

    Just as it sounds, it’s a mutually beneficial relationship. You are an independent business. Your local brand remains unique and strong, but the services and content offered by TMDS gives you the power to offer your readers and customers more, AND increase your revenue opportunities.

  • Will I be losing control of my business?

    Absolutely not. You retain 100% ownership of your brand and your local content is always front and centre.

  • This seems too good to be true. What’s the catch?

    There is no catch and no small print. What you see is what you get. We’re offering this deal because it is a win for your company and a win for ours. You get free web hosting and maintenance, and all of the incredible editorial content that Troy Media has to offer. We get something in return . . . the ability to include you in our network of affiliates, which increases reach and readership, and will enable us to sell advertising on a broader scale. And, oh yes, you get to share in that, as well.

  • What if I need web support at off-hours?

    Downtime is rare, but our technology team is available 24/7 to our servers are up. We guarantee 99.9% uptime.

  • I like my current web theme. Can I keep it?

    If it is a WordPress theme, absolutely.

  • Can I post my own local content?

    You will continue to post all of your local content. TMDS does offer a service, for extra cost, for editing and posting of your local content, but most outlets prefer to handle their own.

  • Are there images available to illustrate the editorial content?

    TMDS has a broad range of images available for your use through third-party suppliers. We supply photos or illustrations for all of our content posted to your site.

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