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Investing in the new media landscape:

Troy Media Digital Solutions

Leveraging the unrecognized assets of hundreds of independent community newspapers and journalists across Canada to create a new news and advertising delivery network linking millions of previously hard to reach customers with national advertisers

The decline of urban newspapers has been so spectacular it is easy to overlook the significant opportunity within Canadian media. While the big dailies wither, community newspapers are growing in readership and advertising revenue.

Combined, Canadian community papers generate close to $1 billion in advertising revenue each year, buoyed by stable readership and tremendously loyal advertisers. But their growth and long-term sustainability is often hampered by chronic under-resourcing, quality control challenges, perpetual staff churn, and uneven editorial and advertising quality. While they generate strong revenue, they lack the efficiencies of scale that would make them more profitable.

To help make community newspapers more productive, efficient, and profitable, Troy Media Digital Solutions is offering a unique solution. We are providing our network of community affiliates with virtual editorial support that gives them more time and less stress. We’re letting them access a richer selection of original Troy Media content that meets their needs for local news without burning out their staff. We’re helping them build a stronger web presence, and, collectively, attract lucrative national advertising – both in print and online.

Led by a team of journalists, Troy Media has already guided one wave of change within Canada’s newspaper industry, having become, over the past 12 years, one of Canada’s most respected and most used editorial content providers, with more than 1800 media subscribers. As experts in digital content, our process lets media outlets access and disseminate great content more cost-effectively.

We have only begun reaching out to the industry, and have already signed close to twenty affiliates. Over the next four years, we anticipate growing to between 50-250 affiliates – each generating more than $100,000 through a combination of services and advertising revenue, leading to anticipated annual revenue of over $20 million. Through our affiliates, we will also explore opportunities for developing digital information hubs within these smaller communities, and finding ways to sell data that is generated through our network. Our long-term vision is not only to become a profitable service provider that helps community newspapers be sustainable, but in a very real way to help rural communities prosper while giving them an equal voice with urban centres on the national stage.

Based on early feedback from our affiliates, Troy Media Digital Solutions is offering the right solution at the right time to an industry that is anxious to achieve its unrealized potential. We welcome this chance to speak to you as a possible investors and to tell your more about our investment opportunity.

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